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Partnership Firm Registration in Karachi, Hyderabad, Islamabad

Partnership Firm Registration in Karachi, Hyderabad & Islamabad/Rawalpindi 

Fast and Efficient! Start your new partnership business in Karachi, Islamabad, or Lahore with our partnership firm registration services. Obtain your registration documents from the Registrar of Firms through us within three days. Our specialized lawyers will guide you through the process, ensuring your firm is legally protected from infringement.

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Our experienced corporate lawyers have assisted businesses like yours for over 38 years. Trust us to handle all aspects of partnership firm registration with the Registrar of Firms, Government of Sindh, Karachi. Your business is in safe hands!

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Introduction to Partnership Business 

A partnership business is a lucrative option where two or more individuals collectively run a business. The opportunity to earn profits without being physically present in the firm offers excellent benefits. If you plan to establish a partnership in Karachi, this blog will guide you through the legal requirements for obtaining a registered Partnership Registration Certificate in Pakistan.


Understanding the Definition and Characteristics Under the Partnership Act of 1932, a partnership firm can be defined as follows: “A partnership is a legal relationship between individuals who have mutually agreed to share the profits generated by a jointly engaged business, or by any person acting on their behalf.” Partnership businesses typically consist of at least two and a maximum of twenty individuals who collaborate, pay taxes, allocate responsibilities, and share losses. One of the key advantages of a partnership is its indefinite duration, allowing flexibility in operations. Additionally, blocks will have no specific time frame, providing the option for dissolution at any time.

Starting a Partnership Firm: Collaborating for Business Success

A partnership firm is a business structure that allows two or more individuals to come together and initiate a joint venture with shared capital. The profits or losses are distributed among the partners according to a predetermined ratio. For aspiring entrepreneurs needing access to substantial capital, forming a partnership becomes a familiar and convenient choice. By joining forces with others, entrepreneurs address the capital availability issue and benefit from all partners’ combined expertise and efficiency in conducting business.

Business Partnership: A Collaborative Endeavor in Business Activities

A business partnership is a cooperative relationship between individuals working together to conduct business activities. In Pakistan, a partnership firm can consist of a minimum of two and a maximum of twenty partners. The formation of partnership firms involves a capital contribution to the business, which need not be equal among partners. As per their agreement, partners share the business’s debts and the profits and losses.

Voluntary Registration for Partnership Firms  

Partners of a firm can be considered partners without the need for compulsory registration by law, although it is advisable to do so. Written agreements define the sharing ratios of profits and losses, as well as the terms and conditions of the partnership. The Partnership Act of 1932 governs all partnership regulations throughout Pakistan.

Importance of Partnership Deed in Partnership Firm

While partnership firm registration is not legally required, having a written partnership deed is essential as evidence of the partnership. It is advisable, especially for partnerships that operate for an extended period. Registration can be done with the Registrar of Firms in Karachi or the location where the firm’s office is situated or proposed.

Under the Partnership Act of 1932  

the law governing partnership registration in Pakistan, a partnership can exist indefinitely if it is formed for a specific duration but continues beyond that period. Additionally, a partnership formed for a particular venture can continue operating even after the successful completion of the experience.

Company Registration


To register a partnership firm, individuals need to provide the following documents and details to the Registrar of the area where the business operates:

Partnership Firm Name: The chosen name of the partnership firm should not contain any restricted words.

Principal Place of Business: The address of the partnership firm’s central place of business.

Partners Information: Full names and permanent addresses of all partners.

National Identity Cards: Copies of the National Identity Cards of each partner.

Proof of Address: Documents such as electricity bills to verify the partnership business’s address.

Rent Agreement/Deed (if applicable): Required if the partnership business operates from a rented location.

Partnership Registration Fee Receipt: An original receipt for the fee deposited in the National Bank of Pakistan.

Witnessed Signatures: The signatures of all partners must be seen by the Registrar of the Firm or an authorized officer.

Statement on Form A: All partners must sign the account on Form A before submission.

Once all the registration requirements are fulfilled, and the Registrar is satisfied, the firm’s name will be entered into the ‘Register of Firms,’ and the Registration Certificate will be issued.

PARTNERSHIP DEED: Defining Mutual Rights and Obligations

The partnership deed, also known as the partnership agreement or contract, is a crucial document signed by all partners to establish the framework for the partnership business. It outlines the mutual rights, obligations, regulations, and conditions that govern the management of the partnership venture.

Essential Details in the Partnership Deed

In the partnership deed, individuals must include the following essential details:

Firm Name: The official name of the partnership firm.

Nature of Business: A clear description of the business activities.

Business Locations: Details of the leading business location and any branch offices.

Partner Information: Names, addresses, and CNIC numbers of all partners.

Management Responsibilities: Division of work and responsibilities among partners.

Bank Account Instructions: Instructions for operating the firm’s bank account.

Partnership Duration: The specified duration of the partnership or indication of ‘Partnership At Will’ if no specific time is determined.

Profit and Loss Sharing: The agreed-upon ratios for sharing profits and losses among partners.

Partner Withdrawal Limits: Maximum withdrawal amounts allowed for each partner.

Admission and Retirement Rules: Procedures for admitting new partners and retiring existing ones.

Dispute Resolution: Provisions for handling disputes and the chosen resolution method.

Dissolution Process:
The method and conditions for dissolving the partnership.Including a Dissolution Clause Partners may include a dissolution clause in the partnership deed if they do not want the association to dissolve upon the death of a partner automatically.

Expert Drafting Services
Our corporate lawyers can draft a partnership deed tailored to your specific terms and conditions upon request. You can ensure a legally sound and mutually agreeable partnership agreement with our professional assistance.


A partnership firm is a business venture established by two or more individuals who mutually agree to share profits and losses.

Partners can be individuals or companies.

If a company is a partner, it must determine whether the partnership should be treated as a limited liability partnership (LLP). An LLP operates under its name, but its members are not personally liable for its debts and obligations. Depending on the registration jurisdiction, it may also be known as a registered partnership under the Limited Liability Partnership Act 2017 of Pakistan.

Follow these steps to obtain a partnership firm’s registration certificate in Pakistan. 

Partnership Deed: Draft a written partnership deed outlining the terms and conditions of the partnership, including profit-sharing ratios and management responsibilities.

Choose a Name: Select a unique name for the partnership firm, ensuring it contains no restricted words.

Prepare Required Documents: Gather all necessary documents, such as the partnership deed, copies of partners’ National Identity Cards, and proof of the firm’s address.

Registration with the Registrar: Submit the partnership deed and required documents to the Registrar of Firms in the area where the partnership operates or is proposed to be located.

Pay Registration Fee: Pay the prescribed registration fee at the designated National Bank of Pakistan branch.

Signature Witnessing: The Registrar or an authorized officer will witness the signatures of all partners on the partnership deed.

Registering the Partnership: Once all requirements are met, the partnership firm’s name will be entered into the ‘Register of Firms,’ and the Registration Certificate will be issued. Following this process, entrepreneurs can successfully register their partnership firms and obtain the necessary registration certificate for conducting business in Pakistan


Obtaining a partnership firm registration certificate is crucial for the smooth functioning of the firm. This legal document confers official recognition and existence to the firm in the eyes of the law. With the registration certificate, the firm can sue or be sued on its behalf.

A registered partnership firm holds proof of its registration with the relevant government body or authority in Pakistan, ensuring credibility and legitimacy in business dealings.

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