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Online FBR-NTN Verification

Online FBR-NTN Verification | 3 Easy Steps-2-Check NTN

Online FBR’s NTN verification is very easy. You can check online NTN verification in Pakistan through 3 easy steps-2-verify, and then you would understand how easy Online NTN Verification and checking is? Interested individuals can check online NTN verification in Pakistan using 3 easy methods. Please follow the steps below for the online verification of your NTN number. You have the option to verify your National Tax Number (NTN) in three different ways – either through the official website of the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR), or through the FBR mobile app, which makes it possible for you to verify your NTN online. There is still a third way, which is extremely simple to understand. To make it as easy as possible, you can send a short text message like this:

ATL (space)(Your NIC No. with no spaces)
Now Send it to 9966

The FBR will respond to you with your name, registration number (your CNIC), as well as the status of your application: Active or Inactive. It will be a part of the verification that you do not only have your NTN, but you are also a filer.

How Online NTN Verification & Check-in Can Be Done From FBR?

From the FBR site, it’s easy to verify online NTN. Online access to the NTN’s verification is as simple as visiting the FBR’s website. The ‘Online Services’ tab appears when your mouse is moved over the left-hand side of the site. In the next step of the process, you will be directed to the Online Verification Services webpage by clicking the “Online Verification Portal.” link. From this page, you will see a number of inquiry buttons. If you are interested in making an inquiry regarding NTN or STRN, you can do so by clicking the tab. It will take you to a page that looks like this:

NTN Number Registration From FBR

Online NTN Verification in Just 2 Steps

Online NTN verification requires just 2 steps. Enter your NTN number or Computerized National Identity Card Number in the required field, and then complete the captcha. When you enter the correct Captcha, click “Verify,” and you will see your complete NTN information. This is your NTN, and you can print it or save it as a .pdf file. I’m sure you won’t believe how easy it is to verify your NTN online!

Free NTN Verification in Karachi & Islamabad

There are Taxocrate’s offices in Karachi and Islamabad, where you can acquire the free NTN Verification Service. Our legal team has experience dealing in a variety of ways with many types of businesses in the past. We handle a variety of legal documents and procedures that are similar to the NTN registration and verification process for individuals and businesses. In addition to assisting you with the NTN registration and verification process and your tax returns, we will handle all of your appeal cases, so you can concentrate on your business peacefully. If you need help, contact us today. Get a free NTN verification by calling us today.

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